Monday, June 6, 2011

Tinted Love

We love TINTED MOISTURIZERS and we love that they are an IT product this year! How do you feel about them? 
Tinted moisturizers seem to be getting the recognition they should now a days! Here is a little bit more info if you are still undecided...

Tinted moisturizer is a combo of moisturizer and foundation. Basically.
Moisture: What a great match up because some of our foundations can be everything BUT moisturizing leaving skin still thirsting for moisture which in turns can create a not so fabulous look on the skin. In order for makeup to go on smoothly and look flawless the skin must be properly moisturized and cared for as it is the canvas for the rest of the picture.
SPF: More than half of tinted moisturizers produced today have Sun Protection Factor in them. (SPF)
Coverage: Coverage is lighter. Makeup is not intended to look cakey and unnatural. Tinted moisturizers give you some coverage, but less than a foundation and usually come in several shades that gives a hint of color  for various skin tones. A barely there feel and super for day to day makeup!

Wrap Up: Always have a tinted moisturizer on hand. It is a clever little thing to have in your makeup bag at all times as it can cut the time you spend on makeup in half some days by doing the jobs of several products. Gives moisture, light coverage with a dab of color and SPF! So easy! Now grab some blush or a bronzer, sweep those lashes with mascara and some gloss and you are set~ Haven't tried one yet? Check these leading ladies out with top notch ingredients so the benefits are increased....

The Balm~ Balm Shelter SPF 18
Girlactik~ Skin Tint
Tarte~ Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Bloom~ Mineral Plus Sheer Mineral Tint SPF18

All Available at yours truly, 
Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique

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