Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What do you have in your jewelry box? Love notes and keepsakes, jewelry given to you from relationships passed that you STILL hold on to? or even just everyday accessories? I think we all do this, but one thing that is missing is a piece from Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty one of a kind collection of vintage accessories. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings the whole bit. All vintage remnants are found in the southern historic destination of Charleston, SC markets and estates. Specially designed, restrung and handmade exclusively for Eleanor Jean and  are 100% vintage. Yes, old is the new now a days and that is something that is near and dear to our hearts at EJ.  
Fiona Gubelmann in Eleanor Jean
"My new favorite place is @ It's for the princess in all of us" via twitter 
Eleanor Jean likes to bring the classics back in style and mission accomplished with these vintage pretties. A beautiful collection of cameo, art deco, and antique style jewelry that already has some big fans, like celeb Fiona Gubelmann.  Love that necklace girl! 
Whether it is a gift for a friend, classy woman in your life or heck,  just a little treasure for yourself they are timeless pieces that give any outfit a touch of character, a story, and most importantly individuality.
          Wear Eleanor Jean, and Treat Yourself
Photos courtesy of Tina V'lanomelle


Monday, March 28, 2011

Get With It

ATTENTION all my beauty buffs! This one is for my acrylic addicts...

Say goodbye to that terrible acrylic habit and say hello to GEL! Most of us have already made the transition, but for all of my die hard acrylic lovers that are still having doubts here are some reasons to make the switch:

While both types are nail enhancements they are not created equal...

  • May leave marked damage by leaving an impression on the nail even after removal and can corrode the natural nail
  • Fumes! Acrylic uses harsh chemicals that have an extreme odor
  • Hard 
  • Unnatural 
  • Lifts Easily
  • Does not leave impression on natural nail
  • Create a more natural glossy look
  • No harsh chemicals or odor
  • Lightweight
  • Will not lift easily
  • Lengthening
  • Strong
Gel nails are an obvious choice, they are as best for the natural nail that you can have when talking about artificial enhancements. They look natural and have a beautiful finish. Although, just like the acrylic nail service you will most definitely want a professional to apply gels for you as it takes skill and knowledge to create this fabulous look, I also recommend getting your natural  nails in tip top shape, by having regular manicures before having gel applied. Help make acrylic a thing of the past, your nails will thank you!  Don't know where to go? Sure you do! Eleanor Jean. 

Fact: Did you know that many glitter nail polishes are made with crushed beetles and fish scales? No Thanks!! Eleanor Jean uses only SpaRitual and Butter nail products. Try SpaRitual and becoming a "SpaRitualist" with their CHEMICAL FREE, VEGAN nail care.

XOXO Eleanor Jean

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pamper Me Pretty

"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others."

What a lady and what a statement!  Well then, we better take care of those hands... and feet too!  Aside from all the wonderful products EJ  has for you. One thing is for sure, what makes us special are the luxury services we offer. A favorite among many are the Nail Services. Mani/Pedis are at the top of that list. Stepping into Eleanor Jean to have a Manicure and/or Pedicure is equivalent to stepping into that warm bubble bath at the end of a long day. The elegant space whisks you away or maybe that's the champagne? Either way thumbs up to primo Nail Technician Diana Ruiz who has polished the hands of A-Listers and is right at your fingertips too!

With several options on the menu I recommend "The Debutante" Mani/Pedi service. Both a manicure and pedicure service with all the necessary steps, but with the choice of a Kiwi Strawberry Sherbert Scrub or Vanilla Purity Sherbert Scrub, yum! Warm Towels,massage, maybe a cupcake or sweet treat too! Your choice of a SpaRitual polish- a vegan nail care line, that wears great and has the newest colors along with the classics.

Add on reflexology to your massage and you will be so happy you did! Work those trigger points and melt away......

All of this is offered any time you schedule one of these little luxuries @ Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty

Remember our little secret....just by following this blog you will recieve $10 off any service or purchase of $75 more! and Schedule "The Debutante" and receive 25% off any SpaRitual polish!!

Menu of Services

XOXO Eleanor Jean

Friday, March 25, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Inside Eleanor Jean's Handbag

We would like to make things really easy for everyone and list the TOP TEN must haves for this spring and summer that you CANNOT be caught without!

Let's take a peek inside EJ's haute vintage handbag..
  1. SpaRitual Nail Polish Face of Destiny
  2. Besame Classic Color Lipstick in Red Velvet
  3. Tallulah Mineral Lip Gloss in My Yacht or Yours?
  4. Besame 1930s Mascara
  5. Girlactik Skin Tint Moisturizer
  6. Carlene K Bronzer (Hey Kim K. uses this!)
  7. Girlactik Heavens Dust in Angel Gold for body
  8. Tocca SPF 30 Sunscreen Towelettes
  9. Rosie Jane Eye Defines in Beech Tree
  10. Ooohlala Beverly Hills Avo- Ga- Ta Have It Anti Bacterial Hand Cream
There were some other things we did find while perusing EJ's handbag: More lip gloss, Eleanor Jean business card with an appointment for a Mani/Pedi service this weekend, Prim Custom Blended Perfume Oil. Oh, that's what smells so wonderful!

Want to have your very own scent that is exclusively made for you? Check out Eleanor Jean's custom fragrance blending and have one created just for you by a trained perfumer.

Well Eleanor Jean has many plans, but we know that she will look fresh and flawless all summer long and so can you! Treat Yourself.

Your To Do List :
  • Pick up some top 10 fav products
  • Schedule appt @ Eleanor Jean for Manicure and Pedicure I recommend "The Debutante" Mani/Pedi Combo
  • Beach it
  • Find a cute date

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Big Celebrity Stars

Kim Kardashian we love, Miley Cyrus so cute, Kristin Bell, Christina Aguilera... what do these popular ladies all have in common? Other than obvious Haute looks they all love Girlactik! Eleanor Jean has yet another bff and that is Girlactik Beauty. Founded by Los Angeles native Galit Strugano  Girlactik started as a simple sparkle makeup. Galit, a hollywood makeup artist created a premiere line of sparkle makeup that actually stays on! The secret? Girlactik's long wearing base and fine sparkles. The line has blossomed into many shimmer and sparkle items such as sparkle liner/shadow, shimmering highlighters for face and  body and also glosses... THIS JUST IN- Kim Kardashian loves the Star Gloss in Orange Twist.

Kim Kardashian @ Elton John Oscar party in orange twist Star Gloss

Contrary to popular belief shimmer/sparkles can be for all! This is Girlactik's belief, and we do agree. From rockstar glittery glam looking like a  Ke$ha music video  or just a kiss of shimmer for a simple, but beautiful look for everyday wear, its no celebrity secret anymore its for all of us, and its obviously available at Eleanor Jean. 
Want Girlactik Beauty how to?

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Flair Lady

"Products that will help eliminate the confusion and fear of applying makeup." This is the mission of Rosie Jane Cosmetics. Yet another fantastic line that Eleanor Jean is proud to add to our growing collection of brands. Eleanor Jean carefully selects what products to carry so that you don't have to worry, Once again we have found a line that is not tested on animals, and has no petroleum or paraben. Rosie Jane was created with a back to basics approach after founder Rosie Johnston realized that the majority of women are intimidated by all the products on the market and unaware of how to properly apply their makeup. The line started with one product and after that Rosie Jane added a few more to the lineup. Rosie Jane consists of basic and multi purpose products to ensure easy application, but instant beautification!

Each Product multiplies into another... we think this is genius!

Cheek Gloss: for lips and cheeks
Eye Hints: eye tint and face highlighter
Lip Dew: lip gloss and balm in one
Eye Defines: eye liner and shadow

Don't just take it from us.. here are just a few of popular names loving Rosie Jane

Rosie Jane Cosmetics


“The allure of cosmetics called to me at an early age; it was cultivated by my grandmother’s ivory powder and my mother’s moss colored eye shadow." We totally understand inspirational grandmothers here at EJ! Just another reason to love Tallulah. The dish on Tallulah is it is the most advanced mineral lip gloss line, the founder was so serious she has a patent pending on a formulation called MH5 an all natural mineral humectant combination. Basically, it will stay on your lips and keep them moisturized and looking fabulous for hours and this is what we need! Go ahead and put it to the test we dare you! It works! I can't go without " "Skinny Dip" this is my must have lip gloss for everyday use. Check them out! I think this is just the beginning for Tallulah and Eleanor JeanTallulah

And Last but no where near least...

This reminds me of one of the coolest songs right now "Ooohlala Paris" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, for sure a great tune to download and listen to while you are getting ready or reading Haute Beauty! 

ok I digress. Oohlala Beverly Hills wants you to know that GREEN is the new pink. They have designed products that are not only a favorite of ours because they are sulfate, paraben and TEA free they are also scented with essential oils instead of harsh artificial fragrance. They didn't stop there though. All packaging/labels are made from recycled
products that you can slip away into and not worry about anything else, but resting and destressing. May we recommend a glass of wine to go with it.

Happy early Earth Day to all! Ooohlala Beverly Hills takes bathing to a whole new level.

Eleanor Jean To Do List:
  • Pick up Eye Hints by Rosie Jane Schedule an appointmentfor Lash Extensions for ultimate glam.
  • Perfect shade of Tallulah lipgloss for your weekend
  • Get an early gift for Earth Day for yourself from Oohlala Beverly hills bath products....take a bath and oh yeah some chocolate

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haute Off The Press

So being the "it" beauty blog are some big shoes to fill, but we love the challenge and I do love shoes.. Christian Louboutin size 36, please! (Wink). Devastating news that due to economy and prices, cotton will not be manufacturing as many variety of colors for clothing this summer.

Hopefully this is just a dirty little rumor. Lucky for us the cosmetic industry this season is the opposite, bright colors and pastels are everywhere. There are miltiple options- lavenders, magentas, fluorescents and yellow,red,orange and other free spirited colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. Tip #1: for best result of shadow use a primer on the lids or if nothing else a concealer to prevent it from creasing throughout the day. Tip #2- dampen the brush when applying the shadow for a dramatic effect. Choose wisely not all these colors are flattering on all. It's always great to have a professional help you with colors that emphasize your features if you are unsure the team at Eleanor Jean will hook you up!

Or just play in the mirror! A well groomed and defined yet fuller brow is also IN and in my opinion the key most important feature (more on this in upcoming posts). Also IN, Multi purpose products ie: cheek and lip color duos. anything that makes the makeup routine faster and also less clutter your fabulous makeup bag! (I recommend Stephanie Johnson bags sold @ Eleanor Jean)  Another trend for Spring/Summer 2011 is vintage fashion from 1940/1950's fashion to 1960/1970's glamour from bell bottoms, to fur and tassels. Classic looks are timeless and will never leave like a great pair of jeans. Looks that will ALWAYS be "HAUTE". This needs no introduction but the ever sexy RED LIP! Instantaneously gives a feeling of power, confidence and fearless beauty. Eleanor Jean is on top of this and has found the absolute best of the best obviously. 

BESAME. Besame luxury cosmetics founder Gabriela Hernandez was inspired by her grandmothers beauty. They are "artful cosmetics made to empower women to feel feminine, elegant and glamorous" They have created the perfect classic red pout collection by gathering antique makeup and reproducing the exact shades! The best part of their cosmetics? They are non toxic and contain lovely ingredients some include: Aloe, ginseng, olive oil, green tea, rose waxes, and lavender flower extract. Did you know? Original lipsticks in the 40s and 50s were not matte and were made with caster oils and petroleum? They didn't have matte colors then, they would just blot and dab to achieve the matte look.

Besame has done the same they do not produce a matte lip product because the ingredients used can be drying to the lips. They recommend doing what the classic Hollywood Starlets did by blotting or adding translucent powder. Another option would be one of their lip pencils worn alone. While the classic red lip is pure beauty they also make several other products. Another vintage homage is their 1930's mascara it is paraben free and only contains 7 ingredients, which is unheard of! We love Besame and are happy to introduce its' arrival at Eleanor Jean. With so many changing trends this spring/summer we will be bringing you A LOT more. This year is lacy, dainty and fierce all at once. kind of like Eleanor Jean, with bright red lipstick on of course! We don't mind if you kiss and tell...

  Your Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique To Do List:  Schedule appointment for brow shaping and waxing Add some bright fun eye shadow colors Red lipstick Besame  Grab a Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bag Schedule an Appointment @ Eleanor Jean

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mascara so yesterday?

I heard a song once that says the words "men and mascara always run" while all the ladies out there may agree, there might be a solution! I have found a way to mend our broken hearts and end the war against mascara!

My point? LASHDIP. Say farewell to trying to find the perfect mascara that won't leave you with the raccoon eyes or the clumpy spider look! Eleanor Jean now offering the LASHDIP service! This is a breakthrough in lash enhancement and is the HOTTEST beauty service to date!

Featured on the TODAY shows "beauty breakthrough of 2011" LASHDIP is revolutionary, low maintenance with a high glamour look. LASHDIP is just what it sounds like, literally dipping the lashes with luscious color to enhance the look of the natural lashes. A service provided to you by only the finest boutiques and spas around by only certified trained professionals."Dipping" your lashes just once gives you beautiful flirty lashes. LASHDIP  is semi permanent and lasts up to 6 weeks! This means no hassle with mascara in the morning which can cut your morning makeup routine in half (this is huge) Showering, swimming, and even sweating at the gym is no worry bring it on because with LASHDIP there is no running or smearing. You want more? Ok, added benefits of LASHDIP:

  • Waterproof
  • Lash lift and curl
  • Separates and sculpts lashes
  • Increases lash volume and  length
  • safe for lower lashes
  • Can be used with Latisse or other lash growth products
As seen on the Today Show Beauty Breakthrough of 2011

What are you waiting for? Get dipped! Schedule an appointment 7 days a week with our experts @ Eleanor Jean Boutique today! 818.788.1546

Stay tuned for EJ's newest posh products


Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Launch of the Exclusive Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique!

Three weeks ago today The Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique opened it's doors. Situated next to the delicious "Sweet Butter" Restaurant, The Lavish" Belle Gray" clothing shop and Tori Spellings brand new vinatge furniture store "Inventori". You could easily spend an entire day on this block getting a mani/pedi, gifts for a friend, clothes for an evening out and furnishings for any room in your home.

Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty is a boutique based on the concept of specialty services. Our atmosphere is playful yet relaxing, friendly, comfortable and above all GIRLY! Stop in for some of the latest and greatest beauty products, a custom blended perfume or to schedule a princess party!

Just so you know, here are all the lines we carry...

The Balm
Antica Farmacista
Me Bath
La Bella Donna
Stephanie Johnson
Lash X
Lucy B
Bella Il Fiore
Ryuska Luxuries
Eleanor Jean
Claus Porto
Sead France
Smooth Organics
Plain Jane
Butter London
and Vintage jewelry made exclusively for Eleanor Jean

And the services we offer...

Full Waxing
Mani's/Pedi's and Gel Nails
Lash Extensions
100% Veggie Based Lash and Brow Tiniting
Custom Blended Perfumes and Bath and Body Products by Prim Cosmetics
Princess Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Makeover Parties
Traditional and Airbrush Makeup Application