Thursday, February 23, 2012

Haute Hitches

Here she is! Long awaited but OH SO worth it! Ain't she a beaut? We are overcome with love for the newest addition to our Eleanor Jean Boutique family. This restored 1953 vintage Field and Stream camper is our pride and joy and we know it will be yours too! We are using her for our mobile bridal, princess, slumber, makeup, and just because! 
You can rent our retro camper for your next party, event, bridal portraits, or commercial photoshoots. We love Eleanor Jean so much we figure we'll take this show on the road and why not out of a vintage trailer to show up right at your request for rental. You can have the EJ staff on location for services like mini facials, mani & pedis, airbrush tanning, makeup, waxing or sugaring. We cannot wait to share the love. If you are in the San Fernando Valley look for us you are sure to see this Vintage Valley Girl running the roads! 

interested in renting? Email:  for rental information and party inquiries. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid's Bow

Happy Hearts and Love Day! To our Haute Beauty Valentines! 

Stop in to the boutique today and join us for a chic Valentine's Day Event. Sweets and treats by Nothing But Bundt Cakes,raffling off beauty services, discounts, the latest and greatest skin care product demo, gifts, and of course the EJ girls there to make you feel loved and beautiful! 

Have a lovely day! 

xoxo Eleanor Jean

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sugar High

Walk like an Egyptian? No thanks we will just remove hair like the Egyptians! An ancient hair removal technique using a simple paste made of sugar, lemon juice and water! What is it you ask? 
Sugaring. Starting this February at The Eleanor Jean Boutique.
It is 100% all natural, biodegradable and literally is like candy used to remove all the pesky unwanted hair on any part of the body. Done by our certfied Sugarist and a specific technique, with a few flicks of the wrist it is pretty... um, sweet

-Almost anyone can be sugared (if unsure call and chat with us about it)
-No Resins or Chemicals
-Adheres to only dead skin cells so no possible way of lifting or bruising the skin
-Water soluble-sans any sticky residue post treatment
-No Burning It is room temperature and performs with body heat of the Sugarist and you 
-Less Agressive- bye bye to sticks and strips and rips
-Sanitary A full ball of wax can be used for your entire body. No need for dipping back into a pot and bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar.
-Softens skin

Results typically will last longer than traditional hair removal like waxing or other. The Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth which will prevent breakage and cause the hair to have to completely grow again. (Anagen Phase) repeated removal in this phase can begin to weaken the follicle wall, thus causing hair to grow back thinner, and finer each time and unable to produce a hair in the future.
 Results can be anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the individual. 

First time Sugaristas please allow 7-10 days of hair growth (anything longer will need to be trimmed) and thereafter 5 days of growth for routine appointments
Get Sugared at Eleanor Jean

xoxo Eleanor Jean

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

The Eleanor Jean Boutique is now offering Facials! The highly anticipated services are here and on the menu for you to choose. 
Try on the no muss no fuss "Jet Setter" Facial treatment. Sister to our Jet Setter Mani/Pedi. The Jet Setter facial, is short and sweet and to the point and there is NO excuse to not fit this into your skin care routine. Perfect way to jump start your new year and keep your healthy resolutions. 
Enjoy 25 minutes of total focus on your skin and top it off with a glass of champagne. Need we say more? 
*Jet Setter Facial great for prep before a makeup application to polish, hydrate & brighten.
 "The Dame" is our fully involved and signature facial treatment. With a choice between our two skin care lines Odacite' or O'sentials by Oooh la la Beverly Hills. Deep cleansing, light facial  massage, extraction for those beauty woes, clariying or anti aging mask, and a full hydration treatment. 1 hour of haute beauty at its' finest. All facials are accompanied by an H. Gillerman Essential Oil therapy. 
*Schedule monthly for optimal results.

"The Perfect Pout" A sweet and sure fire way to eliminate those dry, chapped lips. Drenched with a hydrating lip balm and an H. Gillerman Essential Oil Jaw Clenching Remedy.

"Doe Eyed" An under eye rescue! Brighten, hydrate, and depuff. Wake up with an invigorating Essential Oil treatment by H. Gillerman and under eye mask. 
*Add these haute totties on to any facial treatment, brow wax, lash tint, Jet Setter facial, or makeup application.


Schedule an appointment.    Book "The Dame" and on day of service enjoy 10% off of our skin care products to continue pampering at home. 
xoxo Eleanor Jean

Monday, January 2, 2012

"It Takes a Village"

Bonnie Jean 

 Meet Miss Bonnie Jean. Born on Halloween 13 years ago. A southern belle Chihuahua all the way from Birmingham, Alabama. Happily owned by Jacey [owner of EJ]
We are sure she has many stories to tell of travel, business and well of course beauty. Bonnie Jean is so very Eleanor Jean. She is adorable, full of poise, fun, and girly. Bonnie Jean is effortlessly fashion forward. She naturally loves being groomed on her spa days, and impromptu photo shoots. 

Inspiration is a big part of the boutique from the wonderful Haute Beauties that shop and mingle with us, family, staff, and even pets like our unofficial EJ Mascot Bonnie Jean. Thank you to all and let's have a fancy 2012! Realistic resolution: take more time for yourself and have a Heiress mani/pedi to start your new year!

xoxo Eleanor Jean