Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Find Your Inner Glow

To all the skin savvy Haute Beauties, jump on the health conscious bandwagon! Eleanor Jean believes green is the way to go! Everything we put into our bodies makes a difference in our overall health and same is true for what we put ON our skin. The largest organ of the body our skin is always working to protect us so why not protect it from harmful ingredients, toxins and preservatives lurking in our products scattered across bathroom vanities around the world. Though we cannot be sure of everything that is in what we use daily and we don't really have control over the free radical causing environment. You do have the control to make smart decisions when choosing your beauty regimen with a better alternative like choosing products with natural and organic ingredients. Makes sense right? So, since Eleanor Jean believes in the organic and natural movement here are some of the products at the boutique ready to transform your beauty regimen. The proof is in the pudding... stop by and play with some of these brands below for yourself you will ask yourself why you haven't switched sooner. The results that naturally derived and organic ingredients in products are amazing.  Your skin, your new best friend will thank you! 

*Beware of many products that pose as all natural, sadly not all of those claims are true we took the guessing out of label reading, and ridiculous big scientific words. The brands listed do actually stand by their claims and contain natural ingredients and/or certified organic ingredients.

Farm House Fresh 
Tarte Cosmetics
SpaRitual (Vegan nail lacquer)
Marni Smooth Organics
La Bella Donna- Mineral Makeup
Ooohlala Beverly Hills

and more.... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

Eye Love Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty!

Let's talk Lashes! The eyelash is meant to serve and protect the eye from dust, and other objects. They serve as a warning and cause the eye to blink when something touches it, much like a cat's whiskers might protect or warn.
For centuries, many have been enhancing their lashes, dating back to ancient Egypt women would use kohl to enhance their lashes. Long lashes in some cultures are a sign of femininity and in others, they trim them. 
Either way right now  at the Eleanor Jean Boutique lashes are ALL the rage!  There are so many options to glam up our lashes like mascara, eyeliner, lash curlers and etc. but it is proven that just a sweep of mascara and longer lashes you can wake up feeling beautiful and have less time in front of the mirror. 

Our Most Popular Lash Services: 
LASHDIP- The perfect coat of mascara!  Dip your lashes in a semi permanent color that lasts up to 6 weeks!
Lash Extensions- Individual lashes bonded to yours Choose from many looks, doll up the outter corners for a cat eye look, or a full eye for a naturally gorgeous look. Never have to apply mascara, or curl your lashes. Lash extensions can last indefinitely with "relash" or fill ins as your natural lashes shed.

wink, wink Eleanor Jean

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seeing Red

Besame Cosmetics signature heart


This summer has been all about experimenting with the color wheel. So many trends like, multi-color manis, hombre' hair and cotton candy inspired hair colors, feathered extensions, neon and pastel eye shadows, but today let's focus on the classic and always famous RED. 
It has even been said that men find women to be intimidating while wearing the color red. It is like an instant confidence booster. 
In regards to lipstick it can be so difficult to find that perfect red, but look no further! The Eleanor Jean Boutique searched out the very best from Besame' Cosmetics. The classic lip colors are one coat full coverage, non feathering and with tons of vibrant pigment. Besame is on point with their vintage reproductions of the exact reds your favorite Hollywood starlets once wore. 
We invite you to come check it out at the boutique sit in the makeup chair and give it a try. 
This fall you will see a bit more simplistic yet sophisticated beauty with pops of color and understated sex appeal so this will be a purchase that is well worth it. Add this pop of color to any part of your complexion, accessories or wardrobe it's a win win. MUAH! 

xoxo Eleanor Jean 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When Life Gives you Lemons...

Make yourself happy at the Eleanor Jean Boutique

Like a match made in Heaven, Lifestyle Lemonaid and Eleanor Jean are meant for each other! We love Lifestyle Lemonaid and thrilled that Eleanor Jean is featured on
Lifestyle Lemonaid Episode 15 of Lifestyle Lemon Drops. If you haven't checked out their website, well... you're welcome, it's everything lifestyle from the best boutiques... AHEM, Eleanor Jean, to places to have cocktails, to fashion, articles, health or beauty it's everything you need in one spot! 

Come on in to Eleanor Jean and take a peek!

xoxo Eleanor Jean

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Haute Beauties here are some of the latest items you must own! 

Odacite' Fresh For You Skin Care 
EJ Recommends: Rejuvinating Cleanser & Beautiful Day Moisturizer. All Natural and  Certified Organic Ingredients. Cleanser will last 3-4 months and moisturizer 5-6 months, Score! 

FarmHouse Fresh
EJ Recommends: Award-Winning Whoopie Cream,
 Shea Butter, Vitamin E, jojoba and soybean oil infused goodness! 
Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Body Scrub
intoxicating real kentucky whiskey and brown sugar polish the skin. 
*Great for pre airbrush tanning treatment

EJ Recommends: Amazonian Clay Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer
Oil-Free & SPF 20, several shades, lightweight and effortless beauty
Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara (black)
safe to be used with lash extentions (glycol free)
great choice for sensitive eyes
natural olive esters condition and strengthen lashes while lash volume is improved by 424%

EJ Recommends: Aromatherapy Lip Balm
vitamin E, jojoba oil, and beeswax seal and protect lips for hours. 
Each infused with essential oils.
EJ Recommends: Everything!
Headbands, Pom Poms, Pom Pom Flowers, Turbans, Sequin Shoe Clips... it easily becomes an accessory obsession.

There are endless options and if you'd rather give than receive gift giving is made easy for you at Eleanor Jean. With so many adorable and unique items finding the perfect gift will be a cinch.


photos courtesy of Fitz Carlile Photography

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Handy Acessories

Hello Haute Beauties, Happy Pajama Thursday from Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty !

So, what's the latest way to accessorize or personalize your style? Your nails! Yep, no need to run out and find the latest because hey you already have some on your hands and feet! 
This summer has been huge for nail trends and what we have noticed is ANYTHING goes! Personalize your look however you choose.
 First order of business? Give your nails some tender love and care. Schedule a Mani/Pedi at the Eleanor Jean Boutique, hmm this trend is getting better and better! Let us recommend the "Debutante" or the "Heiress" for the optimal mani/pedi experience. 
Second choose if you want to go all natural with a healthy buff or polish from SpaRitual Vegan Nail Lacquer or Butter London collections.
Try: neons, brights, bolds, neutrals, pastels, mattes, gel polish, glitter, black or white, metallic, nail art, multi color,  it's true ANYTHING goes this season! The greatest part of it all you always have your nails, you always have EJ to take care of them for you and they never go out of style!

Eleanor Jean is home to some of the most talented and artistic Nail Artists, so I guess you could say you are in good.... HANDS.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Truly You"

It's that wonderful time again! The monthly charity drawing for "A Scent For Humanity" created and hosted by Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique
Monday, Aug 1st, 2011.

Kelly Harper

Singer, Kelly Harper was the guest of honor! A very special thank you to Kelly! 
And the selected charity this month? Drum roll please...... TOYS FOR TOTS! Kelly Harper created her very own unique scent in the scent room dubbed "Truly You".

Come check out Kelly's one of a kind fragrance at the Eleanor Jean Boutique, 50% of sales from the fragrance will be donated to Toys For Tots! 
Thank you to all that attended the event and all that made it a success, it was a great day! Don't worry, if you missed this event. "A Scent For Humanity" happens on the first of every month. Stay tuned. See ya'll in September! 

Special Credit to: See more amazing photos from the event! Fitz Carlisle Photography

to get a charity or celebrity involved please email

xoxo Eleanor Jean