Thursday, August 4, 2011

Handy Acessories

Hello Haute Beauties, Happy Pajama Thursday from Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty !

So, what's the latest way to accessorize or personalize your style? Your nails! Yep, no need to run out and find the latest because hey you already have some on your hands and feet! 
This summer has been huge for nail trends and what we have noticed is ANYTHING goes! Personalize your look however you choose.
 First order of business? Give your nails some tender love and care. Schedule a Mani/Pedi at the Eleanor Jean Boutique, hmm this trend is getting better and better! Let us recommend the "Debutante" or the "Heiress" for the optimal mani/pedi experience. 
Second choose if you want to go all natural with a healthy buff or polish from SpaRitual Vegan Nail Lacquer or Butter London collections.
Try: neons, brights, bolds, neutrals, pastels, mattes, gel polish, glitter, black or white, metallic, nail art, multi color,  it's true ANYTHING goes this season! The greatest part of it all you always have your nails, you always have EJ to take care of them for you and they never go out of style!

Eleanor Jean is home to some of the most talented and artistic Nail Artists, so I guess you could say you are in good.... HANDS.

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