Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's The Little Things

Photo: Tina V'lanomelle
Thank goodness there is Eleanor Jean! There are thousands of reasons why EJ is at the top of the list when it comes to all things pretty. Reason number one thousand and one is the NAIL SERVICES. The staff at EJ are like Nail Goddesses, needless to say they really know their stuff. Manicures and Pedicures have been around for quite some time now and have always stayed a favorite because they are ultra relaxing and quite frankly just make anyone man or woman feel polished. We love mani/pedis and now they get even more fun. Nails are now the hautest accessory. What does that mean? Well, it can mean many things. From nail art and design, to rhinestones, pictures, 3D art, holographic, various colors, multi colors, enhancements, black nails, or even just white nails. Even the shape of your nails can be a statement. So we get it that our digits are becoming the coolest way to add to our style, but one of the fab favorite services has been the GLITTER GELS. At Eleanor Jean it's all the rage! Gel and glitter are a match made in Heaven. Choose from dozens of colors and best part is these glitzy gels stay put with no chipping for weeks! Make it your own statement. The possibilities are endless. Pros like Diana Ruiz and Tina V'lanomelle will be sure to keep you fancy. Happiness, It really is the little things...
Treat Yourself @ Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique

Glitter Gels at Eleanor Jean
Vanessa Hudgens, Nails done by EJ's own Diana Ruiz


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PEOPLE magazine voted Jennifer Lopez 2011 most beautiful woman in the WORLD! What makes her so beautiful is not just her outter good looks. she is confident, strong, a believer and a do gooder. All of these traits make any woman beautiful inside and out. Congratulations Jennifer!
The most important part about JLo's radiant look that everyone emulates, better known as the JLO "GlOW" is skin care. She  takes care of her skin first and foremost. This is the canvas for all other products. So start getting those facials, and drinking lots of water! In celebration of JLO's beauty,we have put together some choices from GIRLACTIK to achieve a look similar to the American Idol sweetheart. The look is simple, can be worn daily or played up a little bit more with more shimmer and lashes for an evening look. 
The palette is great for the summer. Bronzy, peachy, with a hint of gold. Girlactik is a great line to use when creating  this look because of their love of highlights, shimmers and sparkles. Their glosses? To die for! Since we cannot have Scott Barnes,( JLo's makeup artist) in our bathrooms every morning, here are a few suggestions when shopping: 

Moisturize moisturize! JLo carries it in her purse!

 Skin Savers:
Girlactik Skin Tint Moisturizer is heavenly and can be worn alone for a easy, natural look this is great for the beach!
Face Glimmer in 14k or Pink Diamond
Coral Cream Blush on highest part of cheek bone
Bronzer in Cabo lightly on cheeks,chin and forhead

Pearl Base all over lid up to brow bone (this also can be used as a highlighter and will prevent shadow from creasing.)
Golda shadow and Mariposa
The Black Liner smudged
Star Lash Mascara
Try the famous sparkle shadows for intense glam

Just Nude or Just Sexy

Additional Tips:
To really enhance your JLO inspired look try LASHdip, or Lash Extensions Jennifer 
Lopez never leaves without her lash enhancements. Schedule an airbrush tan for an all over body glow.

Want the look? Pick up these products and the tools to create it on your own @ Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty. OR  Schedule an Appointment and we can create our spin on the look for you! Now you are sure to be looking beautiful. Use that inner beauty for the good and with that kind of confidence you can quite possibly take over the world~ 


Friday, April 22, 2011

Eleanor GREEN

photo we heart it
Happy Earth Day to all! Everyday we are all working hard to preserving our planet and our health. Today, on Earth Day we get to celebrate our efforts and show our Earth some love! Advancements are being made constantly to make our home "greener" and cleaner. Yes, this even includes our favorite things like cosmetics, skin care and fragrances. 
At Eleanor Jean we love everything frilly and pink, but we also believe green IS the new pink and so do the brands we carry. Check out some of our planet pretty products. Ooohlala of BeverlyHills offers natural and organic bath and body goodies and they are so focused on delivering eco friendly products even all the packaging is made from recyclable materials. 
Eleanor Jean's vegan nail care line SpaRitual  is also eco concious and all packaging and displays are made from recycled materials. The  HAUTEST polish line around. SpaRitual is DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free. Products are naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes. Become a SpaRitualist stop on in for a polish change or a mani/pedi service. You will see the difference and your only worry will be what color should I choose? I say GO GREEN!
If that doesn't suit your fancy try Plain Jane Cosmetics, La Bella Donna or Marni Smooth Organics skin care. Either way you can't lose and it is the little things done by each and every one of us that makes a difference. So treat the planet make it pretty and always treat yourself at Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty.


link to check out: A Billion Acts of Green

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faux is The Way to Go

Coco Chanel
Ah the tan. A tan has meant so many different things throughout the years. It has come in and out of style. In the 1920's  a tan was perceived as "lower class" or associated with working outdoors. Later in 1920's CoCo Chanel took a trip to the French Riviera and accidentally was sunburned. Thus making a "tan" or darkened skin a trend. Today, it really is personal preference. For those of us that have to have that sun kissed look there is a way! 
Get out of that tanning bed! Get into Airbrush Tanning! 
 A sun tan is really just the result of the skin darkening because of a defense mechanism in our skin. The skin is the largest organ. It plays a significant role in providing protection for our bodies. When it is exposed to an excess amount of sun or UV rays  the skin will become darker. 
90% of our age spots and wrinkles are caused from the sun! Did you know? Freckles are merely a product of the sun. Sun Damage is a growing concern because of what it can leave behind like skin cancer. It is a deadly disease and often times if not caught can be fatal. That is why SUNSCREEN is your best friend. It is your job to protect the only skin you have. Everyday you should wear the proper sunscreen trying not to forget the easily forgotten areas like the back of your hands and ears, neck and back.  Just walking to your car in the morning you are putting yourself out there for the sun to damage! Be skin smart and always use the proper sunscreen daily all times of the year! Try Tocca sunscreen towelettes at EJ.
So what can we do for that glow that is so adored? SUNLESS tanning. Airbrush tanning is the safest way to achieve the beautiful tanned look without  harsh burns and aging. Sunless tanning stains the top layer of the skin giving a temporary tanned appearance. There are several different ways you can get an airbrush tan, but we recommend letting a professional do all the work and airbrush your tan on for a flawless look.
 Airbrush tanning @ Eleanor Jean is customized for your skin type so the color is just what you need. When you have a professional provide the service you don't have to worry about streaking or  looking unnatural. At EJ the tanning formula and products are made with natural and organic ingredients just another great plus! There a few key things that are important before receiving the service. Properly exfoliate with a great body exfoliant, do any  hair removal prior, and prepare for your appointment free of any lotions or oils on the body to ensure a proper application. After you have been airbrushed your tan will fully develop in about 7-10 hours. For optimal results keep the area dry and do not shower for about 8-10 hours after receiving the service. Hydrate! Keeping the skin moisturized will make your airbrush tan last longer. Eleanor Jean is available on location to provide a professional faux glow in the comfort of your own home in no time by our tanning experts. Ask for JoJo McCarthy.  Be kind to your skin and Schedule your appointment. Be prepared, everyone will ask you where you got that glow! Spread the word! 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Eleanor Jean Launch Party

You are formally invited to a haute happening at Eleanor Jean!  Eleanor Jean has made a home on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. We are rolling out the red carpet [literally] and we want to celebrate with YOU! Join us at our Launch Party and rub elbows with our staff and other beauty industry professionals, and even celebrities. Some of the brightest stars will be stopping by to support Eleanor Jean.
 Only the best will be offered at the beauty bash. Pink champagne and mint juleps, and decadent treats. Glam gift bags for you to take home filled with out of this world products from Tocca, SpaRitual, Girlactik, Prim, Ooohlala Beverly Hills and La Bella Donna. While you are sipping on that pink champagne get in on the complimentary services that will be provided by the EJ girls. Free polish changes and 50% off of brow waxing and shaping. Makeup artists from La Bella Donna and Girlactik Beauty will be on hand providing mini makeovers with purchase. 
EJ will be raffling away a free LashDip service to a lucky winner. Feel like a Hollywood star and be a part of the VIP offer: Schedule an appointment while at the Launch Party with Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty for any service on the menu and recieve a 20% discount. Our thanks to you for having fun with us! 
 This is the party to kick off the summer and meet all the beautiful faces. You will not want to miss out! Need to pamper before the bash? Call Eleanor Jean and schedule an appointment to look on point for the many photo ops! Can't wait to see you there! 
If that wasn't enough, check out our neighbors and stop by the event at Tori Spelling's new store InvenTORI. Meet Tori and also a silhouette artist from 11-3pm. 


Venue Details:
Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique
April 16th 2011 @ 12-4pm
13812 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks (next to Belle Gray, Sweet Butter and InvenTORI)
*Parking available behind building and Valet @ Sweet Butter

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Express Yourself

It is said that the "eyes are the window to our souls" Well, we believe the eyebrows are how we show expressions. A world without eyebrows would be quite dull and it would be very hard to tell whether or not we are happy, sad, suprised, or angry. Eyebrows frame the face and can change an entire look just by taking away or adding to them.
The main purpose is to protect our eyes, but they have become much much more than just that.
Audrey Hepburn brows
Trendsetting? Yes, the many different shapes of brows have become trends. Thin, full, dark, natural. Don't rush to your favorite beauty spot or professional to copy cat a celeb or anothers brows because most of the time what may look great on them may not suit your face. This is why a professional is indeed the key to giving you all the info you need and properly shaping the brows correctly for your very own signature look. There is actually a science to it and is best left to the pros! Let a professional measure the brows and design them just for you. EJ can even change the color if you so desire with all natural 100% Veggie Based Brow Tint. Schedule Brow Tint

Brows bringing you down? Brow shaping and maintenance is a favorite service because instantly it can make the eyes look lifted, awake, refreshed and complete the face. Don't forget, brows take maintenance at home as well. Before you leave with your brand new brows invest in some great brow styling products. Filling in the brows is very important just as important as mascara. It gives a polished and finished look. Pick a favorite. Eleanor Jean recommends La Bella Donna Complete Brow Kit. They come in several shades so have your brow stylist help choose the correct color. A brow taming gel and disposable mascara wands are also a brows best friend. 

“I only have to do three things to look halfway decent, curl my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows and put some lipstick on.” Courtney Cox



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting Your Beauty On

The spa and salon industry has always been ahead of the curve,ever changing, on top of technology and sometimes maybe even a little crazy? Most of us are all familiar with the traditional services offered in boutiques, salons, and spas these days. Facials, waxing, hairstyling, makeup etc.  but you may not know ALL of them. Here are some of the interesting services to say the least that we have found...Which ones might you try?

Geisha Facials aka "Bird Poop Facial": This treatment uses powdered Japanese nightingale droppings during a facial as a mask treatment used for health and hydration of the skin. It is known for its smoothing and brightening effect due to natural enzymes that are found in it. It was once a secret of the Geisha. What!? Yes bird feces. Don't worry too much it does go through processing and other ingredients are added in to make it safe and sanitary. 
Fish Pedicures: This service has been offered in Turkey for quite some time and within the last couple of years has made its' way to the U.S. but definitely blog worthy! Feet are placed in warm water with tiny fish known as Garra Rufa and they feed off of the dead skin on your feet. The fish do not have teeth so no, they cannot bite you!
Bull Sperm Hair Treatments: Salons have started using the sperm of bulls as a deep conditioning/strengthening treatment. It is known to give the hair shine, softness and look extremely healthy due to the protein. hmm?
Vajazzle: Basically, having your lady parts or man parts bedazzled. The majority of this clientle tends to be brides.
"Brazacials": Similar to a facial treatment but for the lady/man part and is mostly done in conjunction with bikini and brazilian hair removal services. To exfoliate, sooth and prevent ingrown hairs in the area after hair removal. This service has gained popularity since being aired on the show "The Doctors".
Sleep Spas: These are mostly popping up in big cities where busy professionals are. It is just what it sounds like. A place to stop in and get some beauty rest. Take a nap during lunch break or whenever you need some shut eye. Nice quite serene accomodations are created for the ultimate nap! 

Photo: NovaLash Candied Lashes
There are so many services being offered all over the world. Though some of those services are pretty interesting. There are trends and then there are always some great ones that we are big fans of and are always offered at Eleanor Jean. Oh, and they won't send you running!  We love love LASHdip, Lash Extensions (mink, traditional, or candied, strips or individual clusters), Waxing, Makeup, Airbrush Tanning by a professional no booth please!, Spa Mani/Pedis...hold the fish! 

Interesting fact: Analysts estimate that the global beauty industry consisting of skin care worth $24 billion; makeup, $18 billion; $38 billion of hair-care products; and $15 billion of perfumes is growing at up to 7% a year.


Haute Hostess

Of course Eleanor Jean loves to party! Girls just want to have fun right? That should be our anthem.
Let Eleanor Jean host a stylish soiree for you. Any occasion is welcome, but here are some of our favorites: Bachelorette, bridal, birthday, a princess party (for the little ones), and we are big fans of no reason at all! EJ has a whole menu full of party ideas for you to choose from. These parties are unlike any regular old party you go to that is all about someone else. At Eleanor Jean's Haute Beauty Parties you get to celebrate, participate, enjoy, shop the best product lines and jewelry, have a luxe service done by top professionals and leave feeling beautiful!

Oh so many choices....
Haute Beauty Party Options

A Mani Party
A Pedi Party
The Makeover Party
The Princess Party (ages 3-12)
Scent Bar Party
Stella & Dot Trunk Show Party
Photo Courtesy of Tina V'lanomelle

As always Eleanor Jean is always serving up treats and sweets.
Cupcakes, cookies, champagne,wine, shirley temples, and others are available dependant on type of party. Bonus! Ask about goody bags.

Whatever girly get together you decide make sure to celebrate you. Try them all! Why not? Get planning EJ is ready to help and party with you!


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Teen Vogue, Glamour, Nylon, Lucky, Redbook, Brides, Vogue and even O The Oprah Magazine. accessories are on EVERY ONE EVERY WHERE! is an ultra cutesy collection of accessories. Fun with Poufs [this is such a fun word] hair flair, shoe clips, corsages,bridal, and a line of  "multi taskers" that can be used over and over to achieve different HAUTE looks. Who would have thought that in 2008 two friends who started hand making headbands would explode on to the scene? Well they sure did, and now have a whole adorable world of accessories and even a Black Label line of handmade, one of a kind vintage couture headbands. Anything THIS fun is sure to catch our attention and    Eleanor Jean does 
So,wear your heart on your sleeve. Or maybe your shoe? 

Taylor Swift rocking

P.S. Be part of the cause and from now until April 5th 25% of all heart sales go to Aid Japan relief fund