Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting Your Beauty On

The spa and salon industry has always been ahead of the curve,ever changing, on top of technology and sometimes maybe even a little crazy? Most of us are all familiar with the traditional services offered in boutiques, salons, and spas these days. Facials, waxing, hairstyling, makeup etc.  but you may not know ALL of them. Here are some of the interesting services to say the least that we have found...Which ones might you try?

Geisha Facials aka "Bird Poop Facial": This treatment uses powdered Japanese nightingale droppings during a facial as a mask treatment used for health and hydration of the skin. It is known for its smoothing and brightening effect due to natural enzymes that are found in it. It was once a secret of the Geisha. What!? Yes bird feces. Don't worry too much it does go through processing and other ingredients are added in to make it safe and sanitary. 
Fish Pedicures: This service has been offered in Turkey for quite some time and within the last couple of years has made its' way to the U.S. but definitely blog worthy! Feet are placed in warm water with tiny fish known as Garra Rufa and they feed off of the dead skin on your feet. The fish do not have teeth so no, they cannot bite you!
Bull Sperm Hair Treatments: Salons have started using the sperm of bulls as a deep conditioning/strengthening treatment. It is known to give the hair shine, softness and look extremely healthy due to the protein. hmm?
Vajazzle: Basically, having your lady parts or man parts bedazzled. The majority of this clientle tends to be brides.
"Brazacials": Similar to a facial treatment but for the lady/man part and is mostly done in conjunction with bikini and brazilian hair removal services. To exfoliate, sooth and prevent ingrown hairs in the area after hair removal. This service has gained popularity since being aired on the show "The Doctors".
Sleep Spas: These are mostly popping up in big cities where busy professionals are. It is just what it sounds like. A place to stop in and get some beauty rest. Take a nap during lunch break or whenever you need some shut eye. Nice quite serene accomodations are created for the ultimate nap! 

Photo: NovaLash Candied Lashes
There are so many services being offered all over the world. Though some of those services are pretty interesting. There are trends and then there are always some great ones that we are big fans of and are always offered at Eleanor Jean. Oh, and they won't send you running!  We love love LASHdip, Lash Extensions (mink, traditional, or candied, strips or individual clusters), Waxing, Makeup, Airbrush Tanning by a professional no booth please!, Spa Mani/Pedis...hold the fish! 

Interesting fact: Analysts estimate that the global beauty industry consisting of skin care worth $24 billion; makeup, $18 billion; $38 billion of hair-care products; and $15 billion of perfumes is growing at up to 7% a year.


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