Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Faux is The Way to Go

Coco Chanel
Ah the tan. A tan has meant so many different things throughout the years. It has come in and out of style. In the 1920's  a tan was perceived as "lower class" or associated with working outdoors. Later in 1920's CoCo Chanel took a trip to the French Riviera and accidentally was sunburned. Thus making a "tan" or darkened skin a trend. Today, it really is personal preference. For those of us that have to have that sun kissed look there is a way! 
Get out of that tanning bed! Get into Airbrush Tanning! 
 A sun tan is really just the result of the skin darkening because of a defense mechanism in our skin. The skin is the largest organ. It plays a significant role in providing protection for our bodies. When it is exposed to an excess amount of sun or UV rays  the skin will become darker. 
90% of our age spots and wrinkles are caused from the sun! Did you know? Freckles are merely a product of the sun. Sun Damage is a growing concern because of what it can leave behind like skin cancer. It is a deadly disease and often times if not caught can be fatal. That is why SUNSCREEN is your best friend. It is your job to protect the only skin you have. Everyday you should wear the proper sunscreen trying not to forget the easily forgotten areas like the back of your hands and ears, neck and back.  Just walking to your car in the morning you are putting yourself out there for the sun to damage! Be skin smart and always use the proper sunscreen daily all times of the year! Try Tocca sunscreen towelettes at EJ.
So what can we do for that glow that is so adored? SUNLESS tanning. Airbrush tanning is the safest way to achieve the beautiful tanned look without  harsh burns and aging. Sunless tanning stains the top layer of the skin giving a temporary tanned appearance. There are several different ways you can get an airbrush tan, but we recommend letting a professional do all the work and airbrush your tan on for a flawless look.
 Airbrush tanning @ Eleanor Jean is customized for your skin type so the color is just what you need. When you have a professional provide the service you don't have to worry about streaking or  looking unnatural. At EJ the tanning formula and products are made with natural and organic ingredients just another great plus! There a few key things that are important before receiving the service. Properly exfoliate with a great body exfoliant, do any  hair removal prior, and prepare for your appointment free of any lotions or oils on the body to ensure a proper application. After you have been airbrushed your tan will fully develop in about 7-10 hours. For optimal results keep the area dry and do not shower for about 8-10 hours after receiving the service. Hydrate! Keeping the skin moisturized will make your airbrush tan last longer. Eleanor Jean is available on location to provide a professional faux glow in the comfort of your own home in no time by our tanning experts. Ask for JoJo McCarthy.  Be kind to your skin and Schedule your appointment. Be prepared, everyone will ask you where you got that glow! Spread the word! 


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