Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Find Your Inner Glow

To all the skin savvy Haute Beauties, jump on the health conscious bandwagon! Eleanor Jean believes green is the way to go! Everything we put into our bodies makes a difference in our overall health and same is true for what we put ON our skin. The largest organ of the body our skin is always working to protect us so why not protect it from harmful ingredients, toxins and preservatives lurking in our products scattered across bathroom vanities around the world. Though we cannot be sure of everything that is in what we use daily and we don't really have control over the free radical causing environment. You do have the control to make smart decisions when choosing your beauty regimen with a better alternative like choosing products with natural and organic ingredients. Makes sense right? So, since Eleanor Jean believes in the organic and natural movement here are some of the products at the boutique ready to transform your beauty regimen. The proof is in the pudding... stop by and play with some of these brands below for yourself you will ask yourself why you haven't switched sooner. The results that naturally derived and organic ingredients in products are amazing.  Your skin, your new best friend will thank you! 

*Beware of many products that pose as all natural, sadly not all of those claims are true we took the guessing out of label reading, and ridiculous big scientific words. The brands listed do actually stand by their claims and contain natural ingredients and/or certified organic ingredients.

Farm House Fresh 
Tarte Cosmetics
SpaRitual (Vegan nail lacquer)
Marni Smooth Organics
La Bella Donna- Mineral Makeup
Ooohlala Beverly Hills

and more.... 

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