Monday, January 2, 2012

"It Takes a Village"

Bonnie Jean 

 Meet Miss Bonnie Jean. Born on Halloween 13 years ago. A southern belle Chihuahua all the way from Birmingham, Alabama. Happily owned by Jacey [owner of EJ]
We are sure she has many stories to tell of travel, business and well of course beauty. Bonnie Jean is so very Eleanor Jean. She is adorable, full of poise, fun, and girly. Bonnie Jean is effortlessly fashion forward. She naturally loves being groomed on her spa days, and impromptu photo shoots. 

Inspiration is a big part of the boutique from the wonderful Haute Beauties that shop and mingle with us, family, staff, and even pets like our unofficial EJ Mascot Bonnie Jean. Thank you to all and let's have a fancy 2012! Realistic resolution: take more time for yourself and have a Heiress mani/pedi to start your new year!

xoxo Eleanor Jean

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