Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Big Celebrity Stars

Kim Kardashian we love, Miley Cyrus so cute, Kristin Bell, Christina Aguilera... what do these popular ladies all have in common? Other than obvious Haute looks they all love Girlactik! Eleanor Jean has yet another bff and that is Girlactik Beauty. Founded by Los Angeles native Galit Strugano  Girlactik started as a simple sparkle makeup. Galit, a hollywood makeup artist created a premiere line of sparkle makeup that actually stays on! The secret? Girlactik's long wearing base and fine sparkles. The line has blossomed into many shimmer and sparkle items such as sparkle liner/shadow, shimmering highlighters for face and  body and also glosses... THIS JUST IN- Kim Kardashian loves the Star Gloss in Orange Twist.

Kim Kardashian @ Elton John Oscar party in orange twist Star Gloss

Contrary to popular belief shimmer/sparkles can be for all! This is Girlactik's belief, and we do agree. From rockstar glittery glam looking like a  Ke$ha music video  or just a kiss of shimmer for a simple, but beautiful look for everyday wear, its no celebrity secret anymore its for all of us, and its obviously available at Eleanor Jean. 
Want Girlactik Beauty how to?


  1. I adore ELEANOR JEAN BOUTIQUE in Sherman Oaks! It's perfect for every girlie girl who loves to play dress up, get dolled up and just feel PRETTY every once in a while! LOVE LOVE LOVE this new HAUTE boutique! xoxo

  2. p.s. What girl DOESN'T love a little SPARKLE!!!