Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haute Off The Press

So being the "it" beauty blog are some big shoes to fill, but we love the challenge and I do love shoes.. Christian Louboutin size 36, please! (Wink). Devastating news that due to economy and prices, cotton will not be manufacturing as many variety of colors for clothing this summer.

Hopefully this is just a dirty little rumor. Lucky for us the cosmetic industry this season is the opposite, bright colors and pastels are everywhere. There are miltiple options- lavenders, magentas, fluorescents and yellow,red,orange and other free spirited colors for eyes, cheeks and lips. Tip #1: for best result of shadow use a primer on the lids or if nothing else a concealer to prevent it from creasing throughout the day. Tip #2- dampen the brush when applying the shadow for a dramatic effect. Choose wisely not all these colors are flattering on all. It's always great to have a professional help you with colors that emphasize your features if you are unsure the team at Eleanor Jean will hook you up!

Or just play in the mirror! A well groomed and defined yet fuller brow is also IN and in my opinion the key most important feature (more on this in upcoming posts). Also IN, Multi purpose products ie: cheek and lip color duos. anything that makes the makeup routine faster and also less clutter your fabulous makeup bag! (I recommend Stephanie Johnson bags sold @ Eleanor Jean)  Another trend for Spring/Summer 2011 is vintage fashion from 1940/1950's fashion to 1960/1970's glamour from bell bottoms, to fur and tassels. Classic looks are timeless and will never leave like a great pair of jeans. Looks that will ALWAYS be "HAUTE". This needs no introduction but the ever sexy RED LIP! Instantaneously gives a feeling of power, confidence and fearless beauty. Eleanor Jean is on top of this and has found the absolute best of the best obviously. 

BESAME. Besame luxury cosmetics founder Gabriela Hernandez was inspired by her grandmothers beauty. They are "artful cosmetics made to empower women to feel feminine, elegant and glamorous" They have created the perfect classic red pout collection by gathering antique makeup and reproducing the exact shades! The best part of their cosmetics? They are non toxic and contain lovely ingredients some include: Aloe, ginseng, olive oil, green tea, rose waxes, and lavender flower extract. Did you know? Original lipsticks in the 40s and 50s were not matte and were made with caster oils and petroleum? They didn't have matte colors then, they would just blot and dab to achieve the matte look.

Besame has done the same they do not produce a matte lip product because the ingredients used can be drying to the lips. They recommend doing what the classic Hollywood Starlets did by blotting or adding translucent powder. Another option would be one of their lip pencils worn alone. While the classic red lip is pure beauty they also make several other products. Another vintage homage is their 1930's mascara it is paraben free and only contains 7 ingredients, which is unheard of! We love Besame and are happy to introduce its' arrival at Eleanor Jean. With so many changing trends this spring/summer we will be bringing you A LOT more. This year is lacy, dainty and fierce all at once. kind of like Eleanor Jean, with bright red lipstick on of course! We don't mind if you kiss and tell...

  Your Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique To Do List:  Schedule appointment for brow shaping and waxing Add some bright fun eye shadow colors Red lipstick Besame  Grab a Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bag Schedule an Appointment @ Eleanor Jean

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