Monday, March 28, 2011

Get With It

ATTENTION all my beauty buffs! This one is for my acrylic addicts...

Say goodbye to that terrible acrylic habit and say hello to GEL! Most of us have already made the transition, but for all of my die hard acrylic lovers that are still having doubts here are some reasons to make the switch:

While both types are nail enhancements they are not created equal...

  • May leave marked damage by leaving an impression on the nail even after removal and can corrode the natural nail
  • Fumes! Acrylic uses harsh chemicals that have an extreme odor
  • Hard 
  • Unnatural 
  • Lifts Easily
  • Does not leave impression on natural nail
  • Create a more natural glossy look
  • No harsh chemicals or odor
  • Lightweight
  • Will not lift easily
  • Lengthening
  • Strong
Gel nails are an obvious choice, they are as best for the natural nail that you can have when talking about artificial enhancements. They look natural and have a beautiful finish. Although, just like the acrylic nail service you will most definitely want a professional to apply gels for you as it takes skill and knowledge to create this fabulous look, I also recommend getting your natural  nails in tip top shape, by having regular manicures before having gel applied. Help make acrylic a thing of the past, your nails will thank you!  Don't know where to go? Sure you do! Eleanor Jean. 

Fact: Did you know that many glitter nail polishes are made with crushed beetles and fish scales? No Thanks!! Eleanor Jean uses only SpaRitual and Butter nail products. Try SpaRitual and becoming a "SpaRitualist" with their CHEMICAL FREE, VEGAN nail care.

XOXO Eleanor Jean

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