Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prime Time

Everyone has a makeup must have that they cannot go without right? Well, maybe a few, but is a makeup PRIMER one of those? I hope so, here's why... 
Our makeup looks only as good as our skin underneath it all. Like an artist needs a smooth canvas to paint, same holds true with cosmetics. Taking care of our skin is first and foremost. If our skin is healthy and we are protecting it properly that means that on the inside we are pretty healthy too because the skin can act like a mirror of what goes on internally. So, once you have chosen a customized routine for your skin type (we recommend consulting with an Esthetician) then you are on the right path! 
I know that most of us do not want to add a step to our mornings of makeup, or to our bags but using a primer will help the rest of our complexion products perform so well that you will wonder what you did without one. 
So let's talk  Primers shall we?
Makeup Primers are just what they sound like, they prime the skin for your foundation or the rest of your makeup to follow. There are many types of primers, for the face, eyes and even lips. They can help to hydrate the skin, fill in fine lines and create a velvety smooth texture for makeup to glide on and look effortless. Most primers are oil free so there is no worry of heaviness on the skin if that is a concern for you. There are also options for a matte effect on the skin and even color correcting primers that can help to disguise redness, discoloration, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone, and hyper-pigmentation (or sun damage) many of these color correcting primers will be in different shades.
 A primer is an instant gratification product. So it delivers results right away. Primers can be worn alone or under makeup. Apply your primer before your foundation/concealer or any complexion cosmetic even tinted moisturizers if you so desire. Primers for eyes and lips can also be different colors, some being nude or even some having a sheen to them that can work as a base color for eye shadows or lip color, also primers tend to intensify the pigment in the products you apply to them as well. Eye shadow primer will help to keep the shadow in place all day long without smudging or creasing, and lip primers will prevent your lip shades from feathering too. Either way or whatever formula that works with your skin,  a primer is always essential in any makeup routine and among makeup lovers alike! 

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  1. What a lovely and royal post.The color combination of the bag is so sweet.Yonka a wide range of skin care products.

  2. Thank you! So glad you loved the post. That bag is a Stephanie Johnson bag and is also available at Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique in Sherman Oaks, CA it is super adorable!