Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Beautiful Force Behind 
Eleanor Jean

Take notice of the ever-so-lovely Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique, Jacey Jean Kassabian, Proprietor  Eleanor Jean brand and Creator for Prim Cosmetics, is busy perfecting and opening beauty boutiques that are described by Eleanor Jean's guests as "a breath of fresh air" and "home away from home", "A girly Heaven." 
As Jacey is the drive behind the frilly boutique she won't take ALL the credit. The celebrity makeup artist has the real Eleanor Jean to thank for the inspiration behind this cutesy concept. Eleanor Jean Clark her grandmother, influenced Jacey at an early age with her prim and elegant style. When asked to describe the store in HER own words she responds "dainty, fun, and girly with a touch of 1940's/50's flair." This description also fits her character perfectly! 

An accomplished makeup artist for the past 13 years, lash extensionist, LASHdip technician, perfumer, hairstylist, master of airbrush tanning and hair extensions, mentor, a college graduate, entrepreneur and with her own signature product line of Prim Bath and Body Couture, these are just a few things on her resume. Oh, and we cannot forget wife and mommy! These achievements have all shaped her into a beauty expert, so it made sense to her to open a place to showcase these specialties. All product lines are hand picked by the beauty junkie herself. Each selected for quality, use and ingredients that she can proudly stand behind and share this motherland of high end makeup and accessories with all.

Born in Pensacola, FL and current Los Angeles resident. Her southern roots shine through in the form of sweet southern hospitality and outstanding client service. At EJ you feel welcome, comfortable and encouraged to stay and when you return (and you will)  you feel part of the Eleanor Jean family.
The world needed a place like this, and I don't think there was a choice because this  is only the beginning for Eleanor Jean and Miss Jacey, like a modern day Wonder Woman is taking over the beauty boutique world and doing it all in a fierce designer cape with makeup to die for. I know the REAL Eleanor Jean herself is MORE than honored. 
Jacey's strength is a wonderful empowerment to women and gives a place for us all to go and leave feeling beautiful.  Dream big. 

Welcome to Eleanor Jean, Treat Yourself. XOXO

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