Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank you to all the beautiful people that showed their support at the Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty "A Scent For Humanity" charity launch event! It was a spectacular event! 

Thank you to our special friend Lily Elise who kicked off the event with her own signature scent "Lily's Kiss". The enticing fragrance Lily's Kiss is available now and 50% of sales of that scent Eleanor Jean will donate to benefit the charity                         Reading, Writing, It's Exciting

Remember that several charities worldwide are participating and on the first of each month a charity will be drawn and celebrities/public figures will be invited into Eleanor Jean Boutique to create and premier their scent. 50% of sales of the scent are donated to charity for that month.

For more pics from the EJ Event "A Scent For Humanity", check out WIREIMAGE

*Special Thanks to photographer Fitz Carlile for these photos*


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  1. The pink carpet launch was amazing! I can't wait until the next event! congrats on your success!