Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Southern Belle

There's something to be said about southern hospitality. It's innocent, honest and most importantly welcoming. Eleanor Jean, [named after Owner, Jacey's southern belle grandmother] believes in the little things and brings elements of southern hospitality right here to Ventura Boulevard. 

We hope that when you stroll into the EJ boutique you feel welcome and treated with kindness. Whether it's creating your own scent in the Scent Room that brings back wonderful memories, or even purchasing a scent that gives back to charity, or maybe it's coming in on Thursdays in your pajamas for special offers, shopping for a great new pair of comfy duds. Or what about, inviting the expert artists to your special event or wedding day for beauty services on location, Having a  party right inside the boutique with your girlfriends, Finding out the best beauty tips and tricks, a relaxing mani/pedi, or donning a unique piece of vintage jewelry made in the heart of the south especially for Eleanor Jean. Whatever way you enjoy The  Eleanor Jean Boutique we hope you take something with you, like a feeling of a home away from home.  
Check out the coolest stuff coming from a Texan farm right to EJ! Farm House Fresh. A skin and body care line chock full of goodness served up in mason jars and wooden spoons to scoop at home! With names like Whoopie Cream, Strawberry Smash, Pajama Paste, Back Country Caramel, Splendid Dirt, Honeysuckle Custard. It will be hard because of how wonderful everything smells but you should probably avoid eating it!  COMING SOON!!! 

88-99% natural


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