Thursday, May 26, 2011

Showering You With Ideas

Thumbing through the current issue of Glamour Magazine and came across a helpful idea! 
The "Beauty Do" is DO curl your hair in the shower. Brought to you by a fellow beauty pro Diane Aiello: Put hair in rollers similar to the Velcro brand in 2". Slip on a shower cap. When you finish your shower, remove the cap and blow-dry curls for about a minute and unroll! So That seems super easy and a fun tidbit of info to make primping just a tad easier! Well, it sure doesn't just stop there because Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty Boutique has recently started carrying DRY DIVAS! The line of designer shower caps that are cute, waterproof, won't mess up your hair or create frizz and will keep your hair covered. Dry Divas are a genius product and are currently being worn by celebs everywhere! So, however you decide to style your locks at least Dry Divas and Eleanor Jean have you covered. 
Have you ever thought about the crazy things us beauty addicts do? We put cucumbers, tea bags, milk soaked cotton balls on our eyes, rollers in our hair, masks on our faces, spot treatments at night. At least with Dry Divas we can keep it fancy in the shower! Shop several patterns, colors with embellishments and even ribbons! You already know if we can, Eleanor Jean will put a bow on it! Stop in and see what the buzz is about!


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