Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flower Power

What does makeup mean to you? 

Memories~ When you think of makeup it may bring back wonderful memories of your mother or in the case of our boutique in particular a grandmother like Eleanor Jean. The beauty of playing dress up as a little girl and dreaming of being that strong, beautifully groomed woman like those we looked up to at a young age. 
Moments~ Maybe a moment in time like a wedding or a first date, or a great night out with your friends.
Inspiration~ Magazines, Movies, Celebrities inspiring new looks to try out
Self Confidence~ The most important feeling. Feeling beautiful and creating that look that enhances your inner beauty and keeps you walking tall.

But a benefit that may not come to mind, Healing~
The Eleanor Jean Boutique has added a special, organic cosmetic line. Put an international celebrity makeup artist and the powerful healing properties of Australian Flowers and you have Lucy B! Blending Australian Bush Flower Essences ( Lucy B. is the only to use this flower in cosmetics) and pure aroma-therapeutic extracts in every product. The use of organic essential oils and flower essence is known to help the mind, body and overall healing and balance of the body. Lucy B. has heart and soul and a passion for passing that along through all of their products.  So once again Eleanor Jean has found yet another treasure to spoil you.

Try: Tinted Lip Balm, Fresh Juice Lip Gloss, Mineral Eye Silk, Cheeky Rouge Blush and more... 
Check out Lucy B. PRESS 

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