Thursday, December 8, 2011

Parfum Pretties

"Faire Sa Toilette" as the French refer to grooming. As Haute Beauties, we think of it not only grooming, but beauty. Beauty is a way of life, its a passion, it's empowerment, and for Eleanor Jean it's our business. Some say beauty is pain (some sure can be!), and Oh the things we do for beauty, and then we say some beauty simply smells...well, beautiful!
Shelley Kyle has made it to The Eleanor Jean Boutique. From one southern gal to another Eleanor Jean is elated to share these fine collections of Parfum, Royal Creme, Candles, Shimmering Linen and Body Powder and our very favorite Powder Puffs! Yeah, we have a thing for poufs and powder puffs around here. 
*All Shelley Kyle products are made in the USA and are Paraben Free

Check out the collections we now carry
Shelley Kyle Signature    Notes- Lemon Zest, Freesia, Crushed Violet Leaves
AnnaBelle                        Notes- Honeysuckle, Pamplemousse, Blue Peony, Wild Lily of the Valley, Italian Tuberose, Lime Blossom
Tiramani                          NotesBlood Orange, Madonna Lily, White Nectarine, Cashmere Musk, Night Blooming Jasmine

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xoxo Eleanor Jean

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