Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eleanor Jean Haute Parfumerie

Tale as old as time.... well, around the 19th century actually. Modern perfumery began and thus began a love affair for fragrance. At the boutique we too are in love, but a different kind. We are passionate about scent down to the last drop of essential oil, but a firm believer in individuality.
Introducing the Eleanor Jean Haute Parfumerie 
With the strong client interest in our custom scent blending, and parties taking off, the Haute Parfumerie inside the Eleanor Jean Boutique has been quite the hit. Unique, (and rare to find anymore anywhere) a place to smell, experiment with different scents, and blend your own custom fragrance, So see, you don't have to be a celebrity to have your own fragrance and you certainly do not have to smell like the inside of your latest Cosmo or Glamour Magazine. Though, no offense to Chanel No. 5 and the rest of the classics they have their place in this world, but why not have your very own and go a step further by blending it into a Sugar Scrub, Luxurious Shower Gel, Creamy Milk Bubble Bath, or a moisturizing Whipped Body Frosting. Select from endless essential oils and various bottles and sizes to display your new fragrance in. With top notch parfumists ask anyone in the boutique to help you blend and give you their expert opinion. 
The power of fragrance is much deeper than just smelling nice on a date, we all remember what our mothers and even fathers smelled like growing up, or even our grandmothers, [Eleanor Jean]. I bet you do!  Experience it for yourself and create your signature scent. Be prepared for others to ask you what you are wearing, and go ahead name it your very own, but DO tell them to stop by the Haute Parfumerie inside the  
Eleanor Jean Boutique

Here are a few blends we are swooning over 
Haute Tottie~ Eleanor Jean Signature Scent
Smells like: Girly, Sweet, soft with a kick of tartness
Pink Sugar Kiss
Royal Cream
hint of Pink Martini  

Haute Pink
Smells like: Exotic and soft Floral

Pur Beaute
Smells Like: Fresh with a Soft Musk

White Tea

A regular bath and body choice that our manicurists love in a Scrub or Whipped Body Frosting
Fresh Picked Strawberries & Acai Citrus  yummy! Ask us about celebrity scents created for our charity A Scent For Humanity Kelly Harper's "Truly You" and "Lily's Kiss" by Lily Elise. 

xoxo Eleanor Jean

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