Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet our Staff


Tina V'lanomelle

For all of you that have already had the pleasure of getting perfect pedicures or killer polished manis from this dame you already know how talented and wonderful Tina really is! For those Haute Beauties that have not well you soon will. 
The L.A. native exudes beauty. She lives and breathes everything that Eleanor Jean is. No really, she often flaunts EJ signature pink in her hair. Aside from her oh-so-chic style she is one talented woman and we are lucky to have her as part of the Eleanor Jean staff. 
With several years under her belt in the beauty industry and with Eleanor Jean since day 1, she really is a creative genius. Doodling amazing sketches in her spare time, experimenting with makeup and trying new looks on herself and others. Even dabbling in photography. Tina takes everything to a new beautiful level, and if you have not had her create amazing art on your nails well waste no more time! Make an appointment ASAP or you could ask some of her celeb clientele including the stylish and cute Vanessa Hudgens. A sort of jack of all beauty. This gal does it all from simple hairstyles to fierce makeup applications, gel nails, mani/pedis, and lash extensions all inside the Eleanor Jean Boutique. 
" What I love about Eleanor Jean! Every single client is treated like family. Warm welcomes aren't enough here. Your needs and concerns are OUR needs and concerns. It has a cozy feel that you just can't explain until you step foot into EJ. It reminds you of a time when beauty essentials and services were something to be enjoyed rather than a task to keep up your beauty regimen. Packed with the most unique line of products. We have all your beauty needs tucked away in our very own grandmas attic/boutique. " 

It makes sense that when asked if she weren't in the beauty industry what she would be doing. She responded with pursuing a career in psychology. Tina is always set out to making others feel good about themselves and lifting their spirits from the inside out. 
Well Tina, We hope you stay in this industry and with Eleanor Jean for a very long time thank you for all of your hard work and amazing talents! 

Visit the Eleanor Jean Boutique and Schedule an appointment and check out one of Tina's favorite products La Bella Donna mineral foundation. Tina says " It gives you the perfect airbrush look. Depending on the application technique you can take it from soft and dewy for a light coverage or if you prefer full coverage you can build on and achieve a more matte look. Its all in application "

xoxo Eleanor Jean

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