Monday, September 12, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean

From the fridge straight to your skin...

Yep, when you walk into the Eleanor Jean Boutique among all the pink and adorable items you will see mini fridge filled with no, not delicious treats and cupcakes, and not even champagne (though we do have that available just for you) It's skin care! 
Odacite' is the line and freshness is their game. Much like food, all Odacite products have a freshness date. Called the Freshiency Date. Finally a totally organic product and with no preservatives or chemicals which is why it is stored in a mini fridge! How great is that? We love Odacite and all of their goodies. Like a snack...for your skin.

Oh, and did you know ? Odacite' products does not contain water. All products are packed with everything you need like powerhouse free radicals and nothing you don't and have an aloe vera base. 

xoxo Eleanor Jean

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